Corporate Governance


RULE LAW FIRM  is able to provide clients with comprehensive advice on corporate governance and compliance, thereby helping clients reduce or forestall potential risks such as civil liability, criminal liability, administrative penalties or other threats with the potential to adversely affect their businesses and ensuring that the reputations and images of institutions and individuals remain protected.

RULE LAW FIRM  has provided legal services to many foreign invested companies and all types of domestic enterprises in Vietnam – to detect and prevent to prevent any legal violations by developing, reviewing and assisting with the implementation of ethics and compliance programs in conformity with Vietnamese laws, regulations, RULE LAW FIRM s and policies and culture. Our compliance lawyers will develop and guide such programs locally for any client and its employees, so as to conduct business in accordance with their legal obligations and within a code of ethical conduct.

RULE LAW FIRM  design and tailor compliance programs to meet each client’s business requirements, taking into account its existing organizational and management structures, culture and needs. We follow a cost-effective team approach in developing and updating clients’ compliance programs. Our compliance lawyers are experienced in applicable areas such as employment, environment, anti-bribery, intellectual property and also qualified for advising clients on management of internal and external claims, litigations and other legal risks.

Our expertise also includes drafting practices and procedures with respect to a company’s board of directors:

  • Development of board of directors’ charters, governance guidelines, code of conducts and other corporate programs, policies, and procedures;
  • Corporate governance-related disclosure requirements; Self-evaluation systems related to corporate governance; Director and officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities;
  • Executive compensation;
  • Compliance with legal and ethical requirements;
  • Duties of directors in change-of-control transactions;
  • Executive succession;
  • Internal investigations;
  • Changes in laws and regulations, and evolving specific implementation plans on corporate governance;
  • Crisis management;

If you would like further information on how our firm can assist in addressing your Corporate Governance and Compliance services, please feel free to Contact Us.